The Gold Sneaker Intiative and Your Child's Health

The Gold Sneaker Initiative is a voluntary, State of Tennesse program that child care facilities have an opportunity to obtain and use as a resource. The initiative outlines policies that childcare centers can put in place to promote health and wellness in early childhood.

These policies promote physical activity, nutritious eating, non-smoking facilities, and little-to-no-screen time. Our centers adopted these policies years ago, and we are one of 2 childcare centers in Marshall County to achieve Gold Sneaker Certification. 

Being a Gold Sneaker Facility

Becoming a Gold Sneaker facilty made a wonderful addition to our program here at Noah's Ark Childcare. What it meant for your child is that we've taken a pledge and put policies in place to ensure your child is starting with healthy habitis at an early age.

As a Gold Sneaker Facility we:

offer children at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day

•limit television and video viewing to 60 minutes per day of educational programs

•do not allow children to remain sedentary or passive for more than 60 minutes continuously

•ensure physical activity is a positive experience

•ensure appropriate feeding patterns, including adequate time for meal consumption

•ensure appropriate infant and child feeding patterns, including appropriate portion sizes

•promote a positive attitude toward food

maintain a tobacoo free childcare center

Combating the Problem of Childhood Obesity

As a Gold Sneaker facility, Noah's Ark Childcare is also helping combat childhood obesity, a growing problem that may lead to health risks such as:

•breathing problems

•difficulty controlling asthma

•muscle and joint pain


•low self-esteem from teasing or bullying

•severe adult obesity

By encouring age-appropriate nutrition and physical activity in young children, the immediate benefit to your child may also have long-term impact on your child's well being as an adult. Problems caused by childhood obesity can follow children through out their life spans, and obese children are more likely to become obese adults.

Learn More About the Gold Sneaker Program

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